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Beinn Ghlas (Loch Tay)

Beinn Ghlas (Green Mountain) 3619ft (1103m).

Starting from the Ben Lawers Visitor Centre (Approximately 1,400ft above sea level) you begin by going through a fenced off Nature Reserve, after about a mile and having just left the Nature Reserve the path splits in two.

The path facing you goes straight up Beinn Ghlas it is about 2.25 miles to the top from the Centre, the one to the left goes towards Ben Lawers along the flank of Beinn Ghlas.

There are many permutations to this walk, I have given some examples below.

Beinn Ghlas and back the same route 4.5 miles.
Beinn Ghlas and returning the Ben Lawers path 5.75 miles.
Beinn Ghlas, Ben Lawers and returning the Ben Lawers path 6.6 miles.

On Sunday 1st of August it started off very misty and then became very sunny and hot, however it was still quite cold and windy at the top. We did the last of the three examples and although a bit tired on our return we really enjoyed the day.

How to get there see Map of Area below.


























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