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Ben Chonzie

Ben Chonzie (Mossy Mountain) 3054Ft (931m).
Pronounced Ben - y - Hone also known as Ben Hon-zay.

There is a path up the side of Glen Turret running along the side of Loch Turret Reservoir (Near Crieff).

However we decided to go up Glen Lednock to Coishavachan from Comrie, although Ben Chonzie is not mentioned in any sign posts the path up is well defined if not a bit too stony at times, distance to the top about 4 miles (6.5km).

The weather was good and the walk was pleasant abet with bit of effort, it was very warm on the way up until we reached the broad ridge that takes you to the top, it then became very windy and cold and it became quite plain why there was a wind break built at the peak.






















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