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Ben Nevis

Ben Nevis (Venomous Mountain) 4409ft. (1334m).

We picked one of the hottest days to climb Ben Nevis, the path goes very much zigzag all the way up. Our dog Nehemiah was struggling in the heat and we had to stop quite often. We started the walk at 9.45am and returned about 8.30pm, the heat was intense and we started to worry about the water situation.

When nearing the top the lack of vegetation became more apparent giving a strange feeling of being on another Planet. All the way up I was hoping for a small grassy patch to lie down and rest, some hope not a blade of grass to be seen.

The top of Ben Nevis is eerie but fascinating and our experience was unforgettable. To get there take the Inverness road from Fort William and at the first roundabout turn into Glen Nevis, park at the Visitor Centre as the path starts from there.

Ben Nevis start of the walk


Path up Ben Nevis


View on way up Ben Nevis


View of path looking towards Glen Nevis


Welcome break on the way up Ben Nevis


Zigzag shape of path up Ben Nevis


Barren view of Ben Nevis


Ben Nevis 2nd last stage of climb


Ben Nevis near the top


Triangulation Pillar Ben Nevis



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