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Cobbler (Ben Arthur)

Cobbler (Ben Arthur) Height 2,900 Ft. (884 metres).
Distance approximately 7.5 miles (12 km) time 6 to 7 hours.

Access to this mountain is just outside the town of Arrochar, when you reach the first car park on the left after rounding the Head of Loch Long the path is just across the road. Unfortunately there is ongoing tree felling at this path and restrictions may apply (Date 18th April 2003).

The path from here is straight up, when you reach the main forest path just keep going on a straight line until the path that runs along the flank of the hill is reached. Turn left here and continue along the path until you reach a small dam holding back the waters of Allt a' Bhalachain, from here you can see the splendid views of the Cobbler. Now would be a good time to have a rest.

Follow the path towards the Cobbler, just after the two Narnain Boulders the path crosses the burn, from here on in the path becomes quite steep at places with a scramble at the end to reach the ridge. Turn right to complete the North Peak then make your way to the Centre Peak. The South Peak has no defined path and as we had our dog with us we decided to miss this one. As it was such a nice day we took 9 hours and enjoyed all the views for long as possible.


Used to be a nice forest path on the way up to the Cobbler


Looking back towards the car park on the way up to the Cobbler


Good place to have a rest on the way to the Cobbler


The Cobbler from the small Dam


The three peaks of the Cobbler


An unusual dry path on the way to the Cobbler


View of the Cobbler and path


Top of the North Peak of the Cobbler


View of the Centre Peak of the Cobbler


Top of Centre Peak of the Cobbler



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