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Dumgoyne (Campsie Fells) 28th October 2001

Height 427 Metres. Distance under 2 miles (3.2 km).

This is the shortest of the walks so far but by no means the easiest. On the way the weather was a bit dull, hey I am an optimist however on the way up we were hit with everything. I was beginning to think I should have left the camera at home.

Halfway up the mist was so thick we could only see a few inches and the rain was driving onto our backs. Then with a bit of luck a very heavy gust of wind blew the rain and mist away in the blink of an eye. The first two pictures above were taken on a different and much more pleasant day. The 2nd picture was snapped from the Whangie.

How to get there, Take the A81 from Milngavie past Blanefield to Glengoyne Distillery, park off road on the left if available.



Distant view of the start of Dumgoyne walk


View of the Dumgoyne (Top right of previous picture)


Halfway in the mist


View from Dumgoyne in the mist


View of Dumfoyn from the top of Dumgoyne


Looking back when mist cleared


Triangulation Pillar Dumgoyne


View from the Dumgoyne


View from the Dumgoyne


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