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Gryffe Reservoirs - Greenock

The Gryffe Reservoirs are adjacent to and part of the Loch Thom setup. There are two of them, the largest nearest Loch Thom. Our walk to Corlick hill involved walking across the Dam between them.
To get there you can use the Dowries Road from Loch Thom taking the left fork which then follows the Gryffe Reservoir, or from the B788 (Kilmacolm to Greenock rd.) turn off to Dykefoot. (Be warned the roads are very bumpy and full of pot holes).
The walk is quite short at 1¼ miles to the Top of Corlick Hill, Height 988ft (303m).
From the Reservoir the ascent is approximately 500ft.

The views over the Firth of Clyde are excellent and well worth looking at, there are a couple of fences to navigate but not too difficult.









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