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Inveraray Tower

Inveraray is a place that when I was child we stopped at only for a brief period on the way to Campbeltown and then as an adult my wife's family came from Tarbert Loch Fyne and again Inveraray became just a stop over.

It is only recently that we visited Inveraray as our main point of interest. My wife & daughter decided to visit Inveraray Castle. As we had our dog Nehemiah with us it meant we had to split up and I am glad we did.

Normally when visiting such places because we have a dog there is not much to do. When we entered the Castle grounds I was delighted to see a sign that said please keep dogs under close control. I hate signs that say all dogs must be kept on a lead, a properly trained dog does not need one.

When you arrive in Inveraray you can't help noticing the Tower on the Hill. Have dog will travel so Tower here we come. The path is a well maintained zigzag up the hill towards the Tower. Near the top, still in the forest, it was a bit boggy and indeed got much worse when the forest just ended, other than this the path was very good.

For a very reasonable sum you can purchase a map of all the walks at the Castle Gift Shop.
The Town of Inveraray in itself is well worth a visit with ample free parking. (A rare thing nowadays)
Doreen & Karen really enjoyed their visit to the Castle so at the end of the day we were all happy.

Inveraray Town


View of Tower from Inveraray Castle


Tower at Inveraray


Bench next to Inveraray Tower


View of Inveraray Castle from the Tower


View of Inveraray from the Tower


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