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(01) 29th March

Have been busy updating my website, when I first started 56K modems were the only means of getting on the Web and the size of files had to reflect this. Also resolutions have changed IE widescreens etc. I don't intend to change the older ones and the difference between them and the new pictures will be obvious.
As my dog is getting older she can't manage up the hills the way she used to do and as I am reluctant to leave her therefore most of my updates will be in the places of interest and Photography Section which I hope you will enjoy.

(02) 7th April

Having updated my website it is compatible with IE & firefox but not with Google Chrome or Opera, back to the drawing board and hopefully will catch up on them soon. Have tested a couple of pages and they seem to work.

(03) 9th April

Hopefully I have corrected all the problems with the above browsers, but if you encounter any cliches please let me know.