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Loch Glencoul (Unapool)

On our way to Durness from Ullapool on the A835, A837 and the A894 we reached Loch Glencoul just before Unapool.
The Thrust Plane here is of great interest to Geologists and considered one of the finest views in Britain. If you look closely
at the photographs the Thrust Plane can be clearly seen.

Distance from Ullapool to Unapool is approximately 30 miles (48 km).


Loch Glencoul (Unapool) (1)




Loch Glencoul (Unapool) (2)




Loch Glencoul (Unapool) (3)



Loch Glencoul (Unapool) (4)


Loch Glencoul (Unapool) (5)


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