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Stack Pollaidh (Inverpolly National Nature Reserve)

Stac Pollaidh (Lumpy Peak)
Height 2011ft (613m). Distance 3.5 miles (5.6km).

Stac Pollaidh pronounced Stack Polly has a well-defined path going round the eastern flank and rising up to the summit ridge.

There are about five main Cairns; One on the summit ridge, two on the eastern peaks and two on the western peaks.

We found it a relatively easy walk to the summit ridge but we had to take turns Dog sitting while exploring the other peaks as it involved some rock scrambling.

On the return journey we descended the western flank from the summit ridge to make it a complete circuit of the mountain.

The car park is quite small and may be difficult to get into on a busy day as it is a very popular walk, to conserve Stac Pollaidh it is important to keep to the paths on the way up as the scars shown are self evident.




















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