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(01) 1st January:
Happy New Year to everyone. The weather last year was one of the best I have had for taking pictures and I hope it continues this Year.

(02) 29th January:
Went up one of my old haunts Ben A'an. The weather forecast was not good, but at the end of the day it could not have been better.

(03) 4th February:
I have posted 8 pictures on the Ben A'an page as they came out quite sharp. The first picture of the eight I got printed at PC World on a 24" x 20" Pearl board. I have already had one printed of Ben Vorlich with my son & dog at the top and I knew the quality at 5 million pixels was superb. The print cost £24.99 and to put it into perspective the frame cost £34 (made to measure).

(04) 5th February:
Went up Ben Venue, the weather forecast was not good but decided to go for the exercise. Bad idea but I am coming out of retirement for who knows how long on Monday 9th of February. I do most of my main walks at the weekend to suit my son so my web page wont be affected too much. I have posted what miserable pictures I have collected on such a bad day.

(05) 11th April:
Climbed Ben Chonzie (3054ft), the weather turned out ideal for walking and we enjoyed the day out. Will post pictures and information soon. (Picture)

(06) 23rd April:
I apologize for the delay, Ben Chonzie now posted, hope you enjoy the pictures.
(Ben Chonzie).

(07) 2nd May:
We decided to go up Beinn Narnain (3038ft.). The route is similar to going up Ben Arthur (The Cobbler). There is a more direct route which is not suitable for our dog and requires a steep rocky climb. Our route took us past the path to the Cobbler and was quite close to the path up Ben Ime, however still a stiff climb. The weather although very good kept threatening to rain and was the coldest I have felt at the top of all the Mountains we have been at so far (Picture).
Will post the rest of pictures soon

(07) 14th May:
Sorry for the delay, all pictures of Beinn Narnain now posted.

(Beinn Narnain)

(08) 30th May:
Went up Beinn Ime (3317ft.). It turned out quite a very nice day, mostly sunny with just a threat of rain which never came. We tackled Beinn Ime from the Rest and Be Thankful side and contrary to what we were told to expect we found the scenery quite breathtaking. Going back to Cornwall next week and will post rest of pictures of Beinn Ime when I get back.

(08) 29th June:
Sorry for the delay I have just posted pictures of Beinn Ime, I got caught up with holidays and such stuff and time just flew by.

(09) 1st August:
Climbed Ben Lawers (3983ft) via Beinn Ghlas (3619ft). The round trip is about 6.5 miles. When we started it was very misty but managed to clear up before we reached the top. Will post pictures a soon as possible. (Ben Lawers)

(10) 8th August:
Pictures of Beinn Ghlas now posted. (Beinn Ghlas)

(11) 9th August:
Ben Lawers now posted (ben Lawers)

(12) 4th September:
I apologize for the length of time since my last update, my Camera is in for repair and until I get it back I have grounded myself.
I have quite a few area's in my website including Boscastle (Cornwall).
To the people of Boscastle I wish you a speedy recovery from the recent rain storms and of course I will be back.

(13) 23rd September:
I now have my Camera back but due to the bad weather, have not had a chance to test it yet. Got that desperate I tried taking pictures with my Photo Phone, the results were surprisingly not too bad. With appologies to my friends (pictures)

(14) 22nd December:
Merry Xmas everyone.





















































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